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GTS is a full-service engineering and consulting division of BDI providing services in every phase of technology development. From concept to market, the GTS approach is based on an interdisciplinary team of experts and high-end engineering capabilities supported by state-of-the-art testing and laboratory facilities.

This unique combination forms the missing industrial links between your idea and its successful, economical execution. We offer decades of international engineering experience in optimizing sustainable material usage, minimizing waste streams as well as chemical and biochemical synthesis.

We advance your project to the next level.
  • Decades of experience in international plant construction, born from a culture of successful innovation
  • Numerous success stories from idea to industrial implementation
  • Global network of suppliers and specialists
  • Adept decision management backed by unrivaled technical experience
  • Adaptable and flexible support according to variable needs
Technical and Economic Evaluation

You require quick results, efficient use of resources and direct access to experts. We assess technical feasibility, practicability and profitability of your new process or product concept:

  • Competence in innovation – more than 320 patents in the past two decades
  • Guidance for developing new products, services and businesses
  • In-house early-stage prototyping
  • Profitability analysis alongside technical studies
  • Support for funding and government grants
  • International network of renowned research institutes
Prototyping and R&D

Unlimited laboratory capabilities. As a key element of our strategy, GTS offers prompt and flexible capacities in our state-of-the-art technical center:

  • GTS covers a wide variety of technologies
  • We produce initial prototypes to test process integrity and market acceptance
  • Our 350 m² in-house technical center features:
    • biological and chemical laboratories
    • explosion protection level class 2 testing hall
    • in-house analysis (gas/liquid chromatography and elemental analysis)
    • adaptable pilot-scale units (e.g., distillations, reactors, centrifuges, etc.)
    • molecular biological equipment
Scale-up and Engineering

Bringing innovations to life – we know the challenging obstacles along the journey from small-scale technology to a successful business case:

  • Conceptual design of new processes
  • Minimization of time to market with pilot and demo plants
  • Wide experience in front-end, authority, basic and detailed engineering
  • Fulfillment of all commissioning operational requirements
  • Evaluation of technical and economic impacts
Plant Construction

Tailor-made process solutions – your engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning partner:

  • More than 70 international plant construction projects worldwide
  • ISO-certified quality process
  • Cost-monitoring measures
  • Provision and management of personnel
  • Plant operations and operator training
  • Maintenance and spare parts management
Selected projects

Phosphorus recycling from sewage sludge ash
Project management, basic and detail engineering (partly), installation supervision and commissioning

  • Client: Remondis Aqua GmbH (DE)
  • Technology: Development by Remondis
  • Commissioning: End of 2019
  • Location: Hamburg (DE)
  • Capacity: 20,000 tons per year
  • Raw material: Sewage sludge ash
  • Product: Phosphoric acid

Algae cultivation and production of an algae-based food supplement
Research, process development, engineering, purchase, construction and commissioning

  • Customer: BDI-BioLife Science GmbH (AT)
  • Technology: Algae reactors, proprietary development
  • Commissioning: December 2018
  • Location: Hartberg (AT)
  • Capacity: 14 tons per year
  • Raw material: Algae
  • Product: Antioxidants as dietary supplements

Multi-Feedstock technology
Research, process development, engineering, purchase, construction and commissioning of several processes for special BioDiesel production steps

  • Client: BDI-BioEnergy International AG (AT)
  • Technology: In-house development
  • Commissioning: In many different countries all over the world
  • Location: Raaba-Grambach (AT)
  • Capacity: Up to 200,000 tons per year
  • Raw materials: Waste oils, animal fats, vegetable oils
  • Product: BioDiesel EN14214

Second-generation biofuel
Research, process development, engineering, purchase, construction, commissioning and production of a demonstration plant

  • Client: BDI-BioEnergy International AG (AT)
  • Technology: Liquid-phase pyrolysis, proprietary development
  • Commissioning: 2012
  • Location: Schwechat (AT)
  • Capacity: 8,000 tons per year
  • Raw material: Residual oils from refineries, solid biomass
  • Product: Diesel intermediate with a renewable component
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