BDI BioGas Technology

Industrial BioGas plant technology for large-scale breweries

The brewing industry is increasingly focusing on sustainability throughout its value chain - from the cultivation of raw materials to the delivery of beverages. In the brewing process itself, the use of renewable energy sources is naturally the key to reducing greenhouse gases.

The BDI BioGas Technology converts brewery residues into green energy of various kinds. With green electricity, biomethane and sustainably produced steam and hot water, the most important step towards energy self-sufficiency for the brewery has also been taken.



The world's first large-scale brewery spent grain digestion plant was realized at the Göss brewery. With the implementation of this turnkey project, Göss became the first international "large-scale green brewery".

BDI BioGas Plant: Göss Brewery (Göss, Austria)

  • Client: Brauunion Österreich AG, Subsidiary of the Heineken Group
  • Technology: BDI BioGas Technology
  • Start-up: 2015
  • Raw materials: brewer's spent grain and surplus yeast
  • Products: biogas, green power and thermal energy
  • By-products: high quality fertilizers
Biogas plants for brewer's grains fermentation